German girls are tall, beautiful and incredibly hot … and a lot more open and direct than you would imagine.

Perfect, but if … perhaps you are a stranger in our beautiful country, don’t even speak German very well, feeling alone?

German girls like strangers!

I don’t know if it is because German men are said to be unromantic, humorless and hairy. And bad lovers … which is not true, by the way!

I think German girls simply like adventure. Because German people are open-minded, in general.

  • But what if … you don’t know how to get in touch with women in Germany?
  • No idea how to approach ‘em?
  • Feeling a bit lost?
  • Still don’t speak our language?
Flirting in Germany

Flirting in Germany …

Here’s the solution:

Learn how to flirt in Germany!

It is not that difficult and it’s much more fun than what you think … and I do not speak of kinda internet flirt, online dating or the like.

I am speaking of flirting in real live. Out on the streets, night clubs and shopping malls.

The exciting feeling of approaching a stranger, of initiating a flirt … and see how far it goes.

Wo probably do just the kind of flirtcoaching you need, to overcome some shyness and get the right tools to continue on your own.

We coach you on streets, shopping malls, in pubs, bars and night clubs – and in every other place where you find beautiful women, naturally.


Contact me via this form or per e-mail: erfolg(at)flirtfachmann(dot)de.

I speak English, French and Spanish.

In any case: Have fun on these pages … and out there.